Icecream anyone?
coffe at Herr Max
flower bike
flower shop
beet-root-chocolate-cake with creme fraiche and poppy seets

A few pictures from my last days...the first days in the new year...

It got pretty cold again here in Hamburg, -7° last evening and it was also snowing again.
On a little walk I saw this ice-cream drawn on a wall and I thought how many months it might take until I order my first ice-cream of the year....
I had a good coffee and a lovely mini tartlet at this nice place and got a pot hyacinths. I look forward to watching it growing....

I baked two cakes for a little coffee with friends for this afternoon. The beetroot-chocolate cake with creme fraiche and poppy seets I was talking about the other day and a nice lemon cake.

I hope you all had a good start in the new year.

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