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A Saturday

the glow

no bikes here




fabric II

fabric I

My Saturday didn't start like I thought it would be. Standing in the bathroom and suddenly hearing loud drops coming down from the ceiling made me wondering "what it this sound"...and all I thought was ...pipe burst!

I had so many things in my head I wanted to do today, like going to the farmers market, having a nice breakfast while reading the paper and enjoying the sun and going to the fabric market...but well it is not always like you think ...And it turned out our neighbours upstairs had a leak anywhere in their bathroom...
I went to the farmers market while the plumber was on its way...and realized at home I forgot my apples at any stall there...and after everything was fixed I could finally go the fabric market which took place here this Saturday.
It was funny to see how all women who left the subway were walking into one direction ...getting faster and faster...The fabric market was amazing, so many zippers, meters of all kind of fabrics, knobs, yarns, sewing machines and women.
I got myself some nice fabric which l'll sew some christmas gifts with....oh and I also got the apples back : )

Happy pipe-burst-less weekend : )
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wet leaves

wet leaves

I like Autumn, in fact I love this season since I am a kid and spent my time with finding nice looking colourful leaves pressing them in books or finding the perfect chestnuts to create little chestnut-creatures with toothpicks...
Oh Autumn you have so many things I am waiting for the whole year...the colours of the nature which starts its incredible process of getting ready for Winter, cozy tea evenings, long walks, wearing wool hats and tights, finding Autumn fruits like acorns while being out, making all sorts of soups or stews, the smell of baked chestnuts in the oven, not-minding-bad-weather-days and spend them with reading or sewing at home or with a special person, and so many more things...
I love you Autumn also that you are sometimes more wet than an other seasons...
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Mutterland packaging

I had a coffee at this place called "Mutterland" (Motherland) here in Hamburg the other day. It is a really nice café and a great escape from the hustle and bustle of the city as it is really central....You can have typically German lunch like warm potatoe salad with meatballs or shop at their deli where you can buy all sorts of local German delicacies, like mustard in those amazing old stone jars, handmade caramel with rosemary flavour but also organic tea or bread and self-made cakes or bonbons...and so many other things.... Every time I come into Mutterland I just don't know where to look first : )
I also really like how they wrap gifts for you. They have different stamps they put on little red patches and you can decide which one you would like to have sewn on your package...It is a great idea...and I was thinking to maybe copy it for Christmas and try to do this with my sewing machine...let's see which needle I could use for this...

I hope you are having a nice week

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on the floor

on the table


Autumn plate

mine & yours

I had a fantastic weekend...actually I still have : )
Started with a nice quiet Friday and a little sleep in on Saturday....
We went to the farmers market to get stocked up with veggies and fruits to cook nice dinners next week, strolled over the flea market and had a nice coffee with friends and were listening to this amazing song quiet a lot...I baked a cake for a friends birthday party and started my Sunday with reading in bed....and right now I am happy about some nice hours of sun this afternoon : )

I loved you weekend. See you again in a couple of days....

// Maria

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Cafè Zeitraum, originally uploaded by schorlemädchen.

Thursday nights are great nights.
They make me think what I could do on the weekend and it makes me happy that it is practically weekend....
Spending time in cozy Cafés is something I like...just reading the paper or in a book when you are there by your own. Or sitting there with friends having a great time....like yesterday after a cold and grey day.

Weekend it will be nice to spend you : )

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Autumn day

table tennis

Sunday was just the most beautiful Autumn day here. I have been a bit sick but couldn't resist to go out and enjoy the sun and the beautiful light.
We played table tennis on one of these public tables which we have them here in the neighbourhood…On our way back we stopped at the cutest little dvd shop to browse through their collection of movies and finally took the "Talented Mr. Ripley" with us. How cool seems the time back than in Italy…
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A lovely Autumn day made it finally happen. I got a blog. I thought about it for quiet a while and just did it today. It was so easy and fast to do...
I am pretty excited by myself and don't know where it could bring me or what I am going to show or write. Let's see....I hope you have fun....
Maria : )

Ein schöner Herbsttag hat es dann doch geschafft....ich bin jetzt also eine Blog-Besitzerin. Ich habe lange darüber nachgedacht...aber nie wirklich gewusst, ob ich es tun soll oder nicht..und dann ging es doch ganz einfach und schnell...Ich bin selbst auch total gespannt wohin mich das führen wird. Mal sehen was alles passiert hier, was ich schreiben oder zeigen werde...
Viel Spaß...
Maria : )
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