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Saturday morning breakfast: my beloved ritual. Blueberry, pear and cinnamon Franzbrötchen
Street aquarium
guided by trees
the yellow arrow brought us to these two talented ladies: http://finetune-design.de/
In their studio
In their studio
Flea market colours
Cigarre paper
Flea market
Delightful Hamburg
Jonas, an old furniture store

I had friends visiting me on the weekend and we were out all Saturday enjoying the sun and the blue sky.

#1 Started the day with my Saturday addiction and had a blueberry, cinnamon and pear Franzbrötchen and also the first strawberries...hmm
#2 We just walked along the neighbourhoods and stumbled over an yellow arrow and found....
#3 this beautiful studio open. These two ladies make really great shirts, dresses, scarves and curtains with some beautiful screen-prints on them..
#4 We kept on walking had ice-cream and ended up at the flea market to look at all the nice little stalls and the things they were selling...I saw this Hamburg photobook from the 70's and became a bit melancholy while looking through it...I will miss this city...
#5 I needed to take a picture of this sign of an old furniture store...

Have a wonderful week
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CPH. 2

At Museum of Modern Art Louisiana
Museum of Modern Art Louisiana
Gleaming lights of the Souls by Yayoi Kusama
Gleaming lights of the Souls by Yayoi Kusama
Installation by Yayoi Kusama
At Museum of Modern Art Louisiana
at the sea
at the sea
I like the gate of this house
Preparing dinner
Preparing dinner
On my way back from Copenhagen to Hamburg

On Sunday whe drove along the sea to the Museum of Modern Art in Louisiana. It is a beautiful space with a wonderful garden around it in which you can sit, feel the sea breeze, rest, look at the sea and just feel free after you've seen all the great art in the museum.
They had the "Louisiana Colour in Art" exhibition running which I quiet liked. The instillation Gleaming lights of the Souls by Yayoi Kusama was my personal favourite. You come into a small room not bigger than 8 sqm which is mirrored on all four sides, with a shallow pool of water on the floor. A changing constellation of small lights hanging from the ceiling produce an amazing chain of an endless seeming reflection. Magical.
After having a tea in their cafè we walked a long the sea, had an ice cream - and where thinking what we could make for dinner. : )
The weekend went by so fast and I had such a great time spending it with my dear friends.
It will take a bit until I will be in Copenhagen again...but I will come back for sure.

On my way to Hamburg on Monday I saw a dramatic sky the whole train ride long which couldn't decide to be bright or cloudy.

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CPH. 1


#1&2: the sun was shining so brightly when I took the ferry on Friday night to Denmark. I was on the upper deck leaning against one of the walls there having the sun shining on my face...it made my day and was the best thing to start my little trip to Copenhagen
# 3&4: the illuminated kitchen at my dear friends place. I love her turquoise tiles in the kitchen.
# 5&6: the people in Copenhagen love biking.
# 7: We went to a great flea market in Frederiksberg. I got a couple of nice things like a striped jumper and wooden candle holders.
#8: Some brunch after a nice morning at the flea market
#9: We were walking around the city and I couldn't stop looking up...not just because of the great blue sky we had on Saturday but also because of the street lights I am really fond of and the houses themselves, oh Copenhagen, I have a crush on you
#10: hearts in Nørrebro
#11&12: more bikes and houses
#13: me sitting in the sun...
#14: preparing a lovely dinner. grilling veggies and fish outside in the garden, boiled potatoes and a fresh tomato salad

I had such a nice weekend....will show some more pictures of the last two days soon...
I hope you all enjoyed your weekend a lot too...
Thank you so much for all your nice comments lately, I am always so happy to read them.

/ Maria
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I am off to Copenhagen for the weekend ...


My little bag is packed, my camera charged and I just can't wait to get on the train tonight which brings me to my dear friends who live in Copenhagen.
I am looking forward to this trip since weeks and it will be so good to see my friends and hang out with them, to cook, to go to the flea market and out for walks and hold the little baby boy one of my dear friends just got....

I love taking the train there. It takes 4.5 hours and I enjoy it so much. The landscape which is flying by, to enter the ferry and be on the boat for an hour, to read or just look outside and to finally get excited when the train gets into the central station and I see my friends waiting at the platform for me...it will be wonderful...

I wish you all a great weekend - what are you planning to do?
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Cakes and pralines

the cafè
caramel sauce
baking the dough
adding the yoghurt-basil-mousse
adding the strawberry sauce
Strawberry-yoghurt-basil cake

A couple of months ago I got a voucher for a sewing class as a birthday gift from friends. The new courses are just about to start in June and I couldn't find a weekend so I had another idea how to use the voucher for:
A patisserie course at one of my favourite café Herr Max. : )

On Tuesday night at 8pm after the cafè has closed a couple of other women packed with aprons catched up there to check out the back of the cafè where they create all those wonderful cakes, tartes and pralines.
We learned lots of tricks and made the most wonderful joghurt-strawbery-basil cake, a caramel sauce and white chocolate pralines with a sugar-lemon or sugar-mint cover.
I can't wait to try out the recipes we got from them.

A lovely Thursday....get some cake and have a nice tea : )
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