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Hamburg on film

At the fleamarket
Having soup with a friend
Royal Wedding day

When I took the train last week up to Hamburg to spend a couple of days with dear friends there my heart jumped when the train drove inside Hamburg. If you ever have the chance to go to Hamburg..take the train, it is so wonderful to enter the city in that way. 'I am back' is what I thought....and couldn't believe that it was nine months that I had packed my bag, left job and friends and moved out of my apartment. The weather was so beautiful...and I had some wonderful days full of old memories and new moments ...

#1 At the Elbe-beach
#2 There are neighbourhoods in Hamburg where all you want to do is walking up with your head looking up trying not to miss the beautiful facades of the houses around you
#3 At the flea market
#4 Having a good chat and soup with a friend at this place
#5 Me
#6 It was the day of the royal wedding and this place was so pretty decorated and also had quiet a British menu on that day.
#7/8/9 At the beach with friends a couple of hours before the train took me back

Have a wonderful Sunday...

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