Hi from my room

A couple of days ago I got asked by Lisa, Belinda and
Alessandra to answer some sunshine
questions and then pass the award to five people who deserve some ray of sunshine, too.

It was a very sunny day today and I think I would like to send some sun out to everyone who has a rainy or cold day today.
Let's play...

favorite color: navy blue
favorite animal: turtle
favorite non-alcoholic drink: Apfelschorle (Sparking water and apple juice)
facebook or twitter: Facebook
getting or giving presents: I really like getting but I also love to make gifts
favorite flower: field flower, poppies, peonies and dahlias
favorite pattern: I am a big pattern lover, geometric patterns, dots, triangles..I love them all
passion: good food, beautiful photography, light
favorite number: 27

Jana, Trixi, Tiffany, Lisa and whoever wants to be part of this - what are your answers?

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