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Melbourne TWO

I love pot plants
Green tea muffins
The Richmond Weekender / Melbourne
The Richmond Weekender / Melbourne
The Richmond Weekender / Melbourne

A couple of more photos from my weekend in Melbourne - Pot plants on window sills (#1). Delicious green-tea muffins from Cibi my friend and I had after a day of biking and walking around (#2). The Richmond Weekender, a wonderful place with changing program. When I was there unfortunately only the cafe was open and no other stalls, but it was still very beautiful and special (#3-5). Lots and lots of brick buildings in Melbourne (#6).

On Sunday Anne, Belinda and Elizabeth had some time to catch up for a coffee at the beautiful Captains of Industry cafe ((#7-9). It is always so fascinating for me how blogs can bring people together....and how totally natural it is to catching up, a bit as if you know each but still with the respect of having never seen each other. We had a wonderful time and were sitting there for hours...

Melbourne, I hope I will be back soon...
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