The weekend is already over here and I just talked to my family via Skype which became a nice Sunday tradition to see them after their lunch and after our dinner. Those time differences seem sometimes just so crazy to me.

I took this image on Friday morning. I like how a bed can sometimes be so inviting in nice morning light. Like it says to you -'come with your book and join me for a little while longer'... Does your bed do such things to you sometimes too? :)

Saturday was rainy here and I tried my luck and went to the flea market in Surry Hills which seems not to take place when it is raining. I can't wait to browse around the stalls when it gets Spring here...We watched the documentary "Man on Wire" in the evening. I missed to watch it in the cinemas and wanted to see it for quiet a while. It is such a touching and beautiful movie. I loved the footage they showed and also the more than beautiful images they took while Phillippe Petit was living his dream.

I finished a pillow cover I wanted to make for quiet a while,today. I am very happy with it and will show you soon how it looks like.

I hope your weekend is/was great....
Have a wonderful start into the week


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