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Spring is here
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I adore this colour mix and pattern
First day of wearing sandals

A belated post with the pictures I took on Saturday.
How good it felt...sleeping in, reading the paper in bed, having a late breakfast together, being out for a nice Spring walk, sharing one of those great cinnamon buns and getting back to the paper while sitting in the grass....what a nice Saturday it was....and in the end even without light but candles as the electricity went down in the whole street for a couple of hours...

Saturday was the first day I was wearing sandals. It felt so good....and a bit weird to see the temperatures dropping in Europe...If I could I would send some sun over....

I passed again such beautiful tiles on my walk...and I thought it would be so great to sew a quilt with those colours and a similar pattern...I am thinking about it....

I hope you all had a great start into the week...
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