IMG_1813 Kopie
cake plates
Cake plate from the flea market
little white heart bowl
Wool for a Spring scarf
A few images from my nice but a bit cold weekend.

I fixed my boat-earrings which were lying in a bowl and not being used way too long.
Went to the flea market even that it was -11° outside, I didn't know if it might take place, but there were a few people selling lovely things, like this little bowl with hearts and cake plates...
I catched up with friends, saw "where the wild things are" and liked it a lot, started my new knitting project a scarf for
Spring - I haven't decided yet for which Spring though : ) and loved having a simple but great lunch with bread, cheese and a boiled egg : )

Oh, you should check out the shop of this lovely lady she makes such pretty necklaces.

Have a great week...I start it with listening to his new music

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