»In my mind I am in Sweden I

In my mind I am in Sweden I

In my mind I am in Sweden tonight
Don't get me wrong. I love Winter, the snow, the cold...I really do. But I somehow realize that I tend to look at pictures from the warmer times of the year when it is colder outside.

I stumbled over this image a good friend of mine took while we were traveling through Sweden a few years ago.

When I look at it I remember what a great holiday it was, what a beautiful country it is...how much I loved it there, how much fun we had, wild camping at the beautiful lakes, the morning swims, the red houses everywhere like in a fairy tale, the friendly people, the little islands around the coast...
I think of it very often and I thought I could post an image of this great holiday....just when it pops up in my head and I wish to sit at a lake in summer

Me and my camera look forward to having a date with Mr. Winter and some daylight outside this weekend.
But right now...I am in Sweden.

: )
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