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cakes and farewell

Farewell cake
Farewell cake

I had my last day at work yesterday and baked three cakes on Tuesday for my colleagues for a little farewell tea&coffee.
I actually could just take a picture of the strawberry cake as the mess in the kitchen was too big and my fingers full of dough and chocolate after getting the other two cakes ready. They were quiet good it was a lemon cake with caramelised walnuts and an extra chocolate cake with cherries.

It is weird to imagine that you just stop going to the place you went all the years..every morning, sitting there and spending more time with your colleagues than with your family and friends. I met really great people at this place and some of them even became friends...I will miss it, I really will..but I am so excited about everything which will start soon.

I will be in the air on my way Sydney in exactly one month....but before that I will pick up Will from the airport tomorrow and we will spend some time here in Hamburg and back home with family & friends, get everything ready for the move and look forward to our new life.

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