»A summer weekend

A summer weekend

Oh it was a warm weekend here in Hamburg. It reached 35° but felt actually a lot hotter..
We were having friends over for a little birthday & farewell-party and just had a great summer night with good food, drinks, music and most of all lovely people. I realized this morning that I didn't took one picture of this night which is a shame...but than again it was just better to spend the time with our guests chatting and laughing...

Today we were cleaning and resting indoors as it was just too hot to do anything outdoors (I wonder how I should survive an Australian summer ; )
We made a really nice, fresh dinner which could be my favourite Summer dinner...

#1 A quick lunch on Saturday between preparing the party
#2 Sun on my feet
#3 Yellow birthday flowers of my friend and flatmate
#4 Resting
#5 I really like this plant and I think it flowers even look like a butterfly
#6/7 We got fresh squash and broad beans at the farmers market yesterday morning
#8 I love podding the beans.
#9 A squash, broad bean salad with rocket on a lemon dressing with mint
#10/11 we had them with potatoes from my parents place, such a fresh Summer dinner.

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