»Spring or Summer?

Spring or Summer?

Spring breakfast
Spring fruits
.. on my walk
... on my walk
At the beach - Bondi
Life is good!
Reading at the beach

Life is good here in Sydney. The weekends are the oasis of the week and I try to enjoy every bit of it. I guess this is also why I tend to wake up quiet early to start the day. Spring feels like Summer and we had our first passion fruits and strawberries this weekend. Packed with a book, fruits and my camera(s) I went for a little walk to the beach, took the bus for the last bit of it and enjoyed the blue of the water and the sea breeze in my face with the sun and I thought this feels like Summer ...

As you can see I had my Pentax with me and hope I get the film developed soon.

Take care,

>> I enjoy Kristina's pictures so much, especially these ones
>> And I sometimes want to live in Sophie's images
>> I am so into Talking Heads lately
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