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Carrott and Ginger
Coffee, Tea & Me Redfern
Coffee, Tea & Me Redfern
Coffee, Tea & Me Redfern

A Thursday post, what a surprise.
I realized lately that I only tend to blog on the weekend. I will try to change this and find little things and moreover the time during the week to say hi here more often.
I picked up the images of my last film roll today. 5 to 7 it was when I got into the store and I was glad I got them. I love to see the some memories and moments on a foto. The roll had pictures of the last two weekends and the images here show my last Saturday - it sometimes nice to get out of your neighborhood and explore a other places, streets, lane ways.... We've been to Redfern last Saturday to read our newspaper in one of the cafes there. I had a carrot/ginger juice at Baffi & Mo and before we went home we passed the place Coffee,Tea & Me where we took place at their great bike seat seats and had a nice coffee in the sun.

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