»A Monday walk

A Monday walk


Did you have a good weekend?
I went to this pool in the Botanic Gardens yesterday. It was so great to swim a few lanes, to read in my book afterwards and just walk home with the towel over my shoulder. I really enjoyed this and plan on doing this more often.
And today was another very nice Spring day here in Sydney. I decided to go out for a walk and also bring my camera with me...

#1 I was fascinated by the plants which seem to grow out of this building
#2 Some street art
#3 The sun was just so beautiful today
#4 birds
#5 An anchor, which made me think of Hamburg
#6 I love this tree with its amazing red flowers - it is so exotic to me
#7 'llery'
#8 Some fruits and veggies for a nice Spring soup

Oh and tomorrow is a special day here on Schorlemädchen, you should pop by again and see what is happening :)

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