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You know the time when early in the week you already start looking forward to the weekend.
Well, we planned to go to a great farmers market and also wanted to check out some great antique stores here in Sydney, but by Friday night I could feel that a cold took over me and on Saturday morning all I wanted to do was stay in bed. And this is what I did. I slept and slept and slept and couldn't even read due to my headache. Well, after a whole day of rest I felt a lot better this morning and could even go to a friends house for a little 'crafternoon'. We got inspired by these and made our own dream catcher versions. I hope I can show you an image soon.

Some great links for you:

#1 I must say I am getting excited about Feist's new album 'Metal' which will come out in October - listen to one of the first songs from the album here.
#2 Gotye played two concerts at the Sydney Opera House this weekend, both sold out listen here
#3 I really enjoy the pictures on this blog so much

Have a great week,
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