»A weekend

A weekend

poaching pears in orange juice
Shopping veggies
Blood orange
Cinnamon pastry from the Sonoma bakery
Where did the weekend go.
It went by so fast...with lots of sun and good food ...

#1 Eight-Nine-Six-Seven-Five on my walk
#2 Blue
#3-5 cutting, squezing oranges to poach pears in their juice with prunes
#6 the breakfast: Yoghurt with linseed oil, grounded linseed and the poached pears with orange juice
#7 Getting veggies at the market
#8 We had a great Saturday lunch.
Hers: Bread with fennel and roisins, avocado, cheddar and olive oil
#9 His: Mustard, roasted lamp and rocket
#10 Blood orange
#11 shiny leaves
#12 The cinnamon pastry I was talking about the other day.

How was your weekend?
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