»and I had Tuesday off too

and I had Tuesday off too

Breakfast on the balcony
Dancer in the city
Watching TV
Looking good?!
Green oasis

I started the day yesterday with a nice breakfast on the balcony.
The sun was shining and I really enjoyed having the whole day in front of me with not a fixed plan how to spend it.
I biked to the city and passed the Gängeviertel. An area in which artists use spaces which are owned by the city but which doesn't really take care of it. There were so many little corners to explore.

I think it is great having usual workdays off, every now and then...
It feels a bit like being outside of the wheel in a more observing and watching role, like being able to enter and leave peoples' everyday life and very different to a Sunday for example...This sounds weird I know, but it is hard to explain : )

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