There is this magazine my boyfriend is obsessed with.
When the month is getting closer to its end you can tell that he is waiting for the
postman to deliver the next issue...and is it not in the mailbox around the 20th, or 21st he starts to wonder if something went wrong with the delivery, or if he maybe should write an email to check : ) We have even been to their teeny tiny shop in London last year....which is as nice as their podcast program.

So, what a shame the new issue came on Monday but he is so far away.
I read in it...and yes it is great and so well made; the quality of the articles, the layout, the products they talk about and the illustrations...

I will be the postman and deliver it next week by myself.
But in the meanwhile a little sneak peek ...how great is this Good morning page...

I can't wait.

: )
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