I was looking through some old polaroids I took over the years today. Who doesn't love polaroid pictures?!
The colours, the format, the sound and the excitement of the second when you press through and actually capture a scene, a moment, something you would like to keep as a picture...and of course the fun while they are getting developed and finally a real image. After it is completely developed I tend to hold the image for a while in my hand because I know if I would put it into my bag I would like to take it out every five minutes to have a look at it...I still have some packages in the fridge and got two more packages on the flea market the other months which have already expired but I thought they could make even more interesting pictures...will see...

Here is a little film about the SX-70 - I guess lots of people have already seen it but I love to watch it every now and then..because it is so well made and makes me excited to use my polaroid camera...

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend
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