»Little sewing project I

Little sewing project I

It is such November weather outside.
Dark at 4.30pm, rainy and cold. But it is great weather to get the sewing machine out and to start making little presents for Christmas.
I did this sewing class early this year as my skills became a bit rusty over the years. It was really fun and I couldn't believe that in the end of the course I would be able to hold a finished skirt with a zipper in my hands - oh and it even fits. I can only imagine that a course with this lovely lady as a teacher would be simply amazing too.
Anyways, ever since this course I pretty much stick to the formats: squares or rectangles - and so I did tonight. I made this little bag for my sister while listening to "Do Make Say Think" which is pretty relaxing music especially when the zipper is making slightly little problems : )

Just a couple more weeks left to create a few more rectangles or squares made out of fabric : )
Time is really flying ...I can sort of still feel the sand between my toes of the time when we were at the Baltic Sea late September...

Happy Wednesday to everyone.
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