»corners of my room

corners of my room

Corners of my room
Corners of my room
Corners of my room
Corners of my room

Another try to take photos with the pentax indoors, this time the film seems to have some overlapping 'issues'...I like them anyway :)
#1 Glück und Liebe (luck and love) is all you need
#2 Postcard from Mona showing Balint Zsako artwork
#3 A beautiful bag from Aesop
#4 On my last day in Tokyo I got this tote bag at the Comme des Garcon shop

Can I tell you about the most wonderful concert I have been to last night. I saw Youth Lagoon and it was absolutely magical. Please listen to maybe Afternoon or Posters and then to the whole album to realize that every track is beautiful.

Happy Friday.
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