»knit in Spring

knit in Spring

resting pears
knitted socks
rhubarb stew

Some calm images from an old film roll.
# Resting pears before I cooked them in orange juice
# My grandmother made knitted socks for me, a shame it will be soon too hot to wear them
# We made strawberry/rhubarb compote yesterday to top our breakfast with it

I had the camera around my neck today after having blood-orange juice with a friend. It was a nice long walk and soon I will show you what a sunny and pretty day it was here today.

>> These images make me pretty excited for our trip to Tasmania next month
>< The new M83 album will be out soon, you can already listen into it here. I think it is pretty amazing!
<< Next time I am in Melbourne, I would like to stop by this beautiful looking shop

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