The Three Sisters - Blue Mountains
Blue Mountains View
Blue Mountains lunch

Sorry it has taken me so long to show you more images from our trip to the Blue Mountains. I was busy all week and also needed to shoot the remaining images on the film...Well, I picked up the film an hour ago - I am alway so excited to finally see them and tend to walk faster and faster as closer I get to the shop. Unfortunately the result is not as amazing as it was with the first film. I think I need to get better in figuring out how this camera works...

Anyways...more pictures - not so perfect ones, will come soon...

Do you have a great weekend so far?

I am having a great one, with early mornings, walks through the city, coffee breaks, an early morning swim this morning, hearing the sewing machine again since it has been a while since I made something, finishing a book and now chopping carrots and zucchini for a minestrone...

Have a look at this blog, it is beautiful. Máni captures moments with her camera so beautifully...

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