»Fremantle Western Australia

Fremantle Western Australia

Morning Swim / Fremantle
snack - toasted fruit bread w/ butter and pears
Western Australia / Fremantle
Fremantle / Grumpy Sailor Cafe

I am here in Fremantle since last Tuesday. It is our Summer stop before we fly over to Germany on Tuesday. I was lucky and could work from here and enjoy the beautiful warm weather which everyone was missing in Sydney over the last couple of weeks. I went for a swim in my lunch break which was early in the morning here due to the 3 hours time difference to Sydney, had the most delicious fruitbreat I ever had as snacks and great great coffee at a friends place who just opened up a cafe in a bookstore called Grumpy Sailor .

On Friday night we went to a beautiful solo concert from Sean Pollard from the split seconds at the Fremantle Arts center. What a beautiful night it was. I hope I can share soon the link with you. Radio National recorded and broadcasted it live.

>> Two good sites which show a lot about great places in Perth and Fremantle

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