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It is mid November already. I really don't know were all the time goes to. Well, it was a quiet weekend with lots of cooking, listening to music, sewing and lying in the sun reading...

There is a lot to do the next couple of weeks amongst others I will move apartment but more about this soon. But step by step - this week I will go to Tasmania and I am so looking forward to this trip - breathing the fresh air and seeing the beauty of this island, going for long walks, eating and drinking good food and wine, going to the infamous museum 'Mona' and just having time for things I don't even know that I will explore or see them....

If you have a last minute Maria-must-go-and-see, let me know :^)

>> Here are two beautiful blogs written by Catherine: About her life Tasmania and the great food in Tassie
>< A nice song for you guys
>> And I like this idea to create a fond of your handwriting

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